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At the gym today, the soundtrack was 100% young white male post-Strokes rock. It was so bland and formulaic, the lyrics so forced and shallow, that when a song by Foreigner — Foreigner! — came on, it seemed fresh, human, real.

Leonard Cohen

Just finished reading Matters of Vital Interest: A Forty-Year Friendship with Leonard Cohen by Eric Lerner. And it was a beautiful friendship, and thanks to “Old Eric” for sharing it with us. Buddhism isn’t really as mysterious and complicated as it seems; the “enlightenment” people chase is no big deal. Their Roshi couldn’t simply tell them this, but toward the end I think they “got it.”

Twyla Tharp

Someone has done it before? Honey, it’s all been done before. Nothing’s really original. Not Homer or Shakespeare, and certainly not you. Get over yourself.
Twyla Tharp

Brian Eno

Stop thinking about artworks as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences.
Brian Eno


Keeping a close eye on the soon-to-be-available Digital Performer 10 upgrade from MOTU. I’ve kept my copy of DP upgraded (through most versions) since DP3, I think. Like the program, like the company (hey — they’re local!), and I think it’s an excellent platform for mixing. But for composing, I really need to have the freedom and speed you get with MIDI regions — which DP lacks. Maybe the new Clips are a harbinger of Object-Oriented MIDI in the timeline? Peter Kirn at CDM talks about DP 10’s new features in the context of the DAW universe: DP10 adds clip launching, improved audio editing to MOTU’s DAW

Bees Deluxe

We had dinner at the Gardner Ale House last night, and enjoyed music by Bees Deluxe. “Acid Blues” they call it, but it’s not crazy — understated if anything — but certainly not the same old boring blues you hear all too often. Loved Conrad Warre’s bare-fingers guitar work (PRS into a little Fender, with dollops of Uni-Vibe). Digging their latest LP, Voice of Dog, on Spotify.