There were songs that connected with me. There was this dark, mysterious world that music could evoke, and that’s all wrapped up in the tone.
T-Bone Walker

cb photo by Valerie Sampson

Even as a kid, I always connected with the sound of a recording, just as much as with the musical structure or the lyrics. I had some idea that people created these sounds in studios, but it wasn’t until I participated in recording sessions with my 1980s band The Nebulas that I got hooked on the magic of the studio. I soon built my own studio, recording, producing and mixing many local artists. Since then I’ve moved away from recording full bands, focusing on my core interests:

mixing and remixing
composing and arranging
guitar work
recording soloists, small groups, voice and instrument overdubs

I also have a small P.A. and do sound for low-medium volume live events.

My studio is in Central Massachusetts, where I live with my wife Valerie and our dog Jack.