Equipment list

Mac Studio Max and MacBook M1 Air
Studio One 6, Ableton Live 11, Logic Pro 10, WaveLab Pro 11, Izotope RX10

MOTU 828es and M4 audio interfaces
RME ADI-2 DAC FS digital/analog converter
UAD2 Quad Satellite

Dynaudio BM5a, Presonus Eris 3.5, M-Audio sub and Behritone C50 (mono) monitors
Audeze LCD-X, Sennheiser HD600 & HD598, Audio-Technica ATH-M50 & ATH-M50x, Sony MDR-7506 headphones

Focusrite ISA One preamp/DI
Warm Audio WA73-EQ preamp/EQ
Great River MP-2NV dual preamp
Golden Age Project Comp-3A compressor
Golden Age Project Comp-54 mkIII compressor
Golden Age Project EQ-73 mkII equalizer
FMR RNLA7239 Levelling Amp
ART Pro VLA II compressor
JoeMeek VC3Q channel (2)

Warm Audio WA-47 (tube), Aston Spirit, Shure SM7B, MXL V67 (modded), MXL V69 (modded), Karma K35, Audio-Technica AT4033, AT3035, AT3031 x2, Sennheiser e609, e935 & e835, Audix OM-2, D1 & D3, Shure SM57 & SM58 microphones

Plugins by Universal Audio, Soundtoys, Softube, DMG, Pulsar, Sonnox, Waves, FabFilter, Tokyo Dawn Labs, Valhalla, PSP, Eventide, Oeksound, Plugin Alliance, Klanghelm, Klevgrand, Celemony, Audioease, Cableguys, S-Gear, Kuassa and more

Virtual instruments by Output, Spitfire, U-he, AAS, Arturia, Native Instruments, G-Force, Rob Papen, Modartt, GG Audio, Refx, Korg and more

Electric & acoustic guitars, amps, lots of pedals
Hologram Microcosm
Korg Minilogue synth

Alto TS310 (2), Alto TS308, Alto TX308 powered speakers
Behringer X1832 mixer
Behringer ADA8200 mic pre expander
TC Electronic M300 delay/reverb
TASCAM DR-680 recorder w/SR LC100 mics (room recording)