Timi Yuro, “Interlude”

Here’s another post of mine from Larry Haley’s The Bop Shop.

The under-appreciated Timi Yuro could do a heart-wrenching Johnny Ray-style ballad (“Hurt”), a soulful standard (“Smile”), or a blue-eyed soul rocker (“What’s a Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You)”) with equal authority. To me one of her greatest strengths was that she knew exactly how to use her voice to convey deep emotion — as in this theme for the 1968 British film, Interlude. She actually recorded the song twice: the film soundtrack version is more emotionally restrained than this version from Ms. Yuro’s 1968 album, “Something Bad On My Mind”. A meditation not only on love, but on time itself.

play Timi Yuro’s “Interlude” (1968) on YouTube