Peggy Lee, “Aren’t You Kind Of Glad We Did?”

Here’s another post of mine from Larry Haley’s The Bop Shop.

When did it become permissible to talk about having sex, in a song? I’m not talking about outliers like The Fugs, but in a song that could be played on the radio? Up until the 70s, writers had to use suggestion or metaphor to get the message across. Some Rhythm & Blues tracks crossed the line (“Sixty Minute Man” or “Work With Me Annie”) and got banned.

Then there are songs that took a more nudge nudge wink wink approach, like this Gershwin number. I love Peggy Lee’s 1940s work with her husband, guitarist Dave Barbour, and her voice and attitude are perfect for this. You can just see her sly grin, singing the title line.

play Peggy Lee’s “Aren’t You Kind Of Glad We Did?” (1946) on YouTube