The Joubert Singers, “Stand on the Word”

My friend Larry Haley is running a music sharing project he calls “a virtual record haven” – The Bop Shop.
Every day Larry or another contributor posts a link to a favorite song, along with a short appreciation.

Here’s one I contributed:

Following the David Champagne show at Preservation Worcester, Valerie and I were talking about the concept of “Agnostic Gospel”. During the show, David spoke of growing up with gospel music, and how he wanted to capture and convey its spirit in a more secular context. (Brian Eno, a non-believer, has also talked about his love of gospel.)

It reminded me of “Stand on the Word”, which Larry Levan (one of the all-time great NYC DJs) played in his sets at the Paradise Garage in the 1980s, especially during the late/early morning winding down part that people called “Saturday Mass”. The song became widely known — especially in dance clubs — because of its adoption by Levan.

So we have an earnest statement of faith — preachy, even — transcending its literal message to be embraced by party people for its pure joyousness. Maybe that’s a form of agnostic gospel.

play The Joubert Singers’ “Stand on the Word” (1982) on YouTube