The High Street Project

This spring saw the release of The High Street Project to streaming services. The High Street Project had its origin in a series of four events (“365 Live”) staged by WCUW-FM DJ Larry Haley in 2023. Larry commissioned a selection of cover songs, keyed to the original artists’ birthdays, to be presented at the events. For the songs on this album, I reimagined the music and invited some of my favorite local vocalists to bring their own interpretations to the project. Everything was recorded, mixed and mastered here at the studio.

Here’s a list of the songs, the original artists, and the featured vocalists:

  • Stop (Joe Henry) feat. Natasha Hanna
  • Real People (Chic) feat. John Solaperto
  • Manhattan Island Serenade (Leon Russell) feat. John Solaperto
  • Golden Hours (Brian Eno) feat. Natasha Hanna
  • Wing (Patti Smith) feat. Natasha Hanna
  • Here Comes the Flood (Peter Gabriel) feat. John Solaperto
  • Electric Green (Kim Richey) feat. Deb Barron Northway
  • Darlin’ (The Beach Boys) feat. Roger Lavallee
  • On the Beach (Neil Young) feat. John Solaperto

Look for The High Street Project on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Qobuz, Pandora and most other streaming services. Or play songs from here: